The Edible Garden

Ankkapurha Culture Park is full of art and sceneries. The Edible Garden is a community art work, where local people and camp school children have planted their own trees and flowers.

Anjala manor has had an extensive garden in the past. The garden consisted of hundreds of fruit trees, berry bushes and greenhouses for grapes and cucumbers. The garden was taken care of by tenants, as well as other employees. The construction of the Agricultural Ins­titute in the 1950s reduced the garden area and the old garden was gradually lost from the landscape.

Ankkapurha Culture Foundation aims at preserving the cultural heri­tage of the region. The Foundation established a new garden to replace the old one that was dest­royed. The area that served as a field and a vegetable garden area gradually has new fruit trees and a variety of garden structures, for example a lilac pergola. Camp schools and local inhabitants that visited Anjala in 2016 have planted their own bush or a tree in the garden. The Edible Garden project was funded in 2016 by the North Kymi Growth Association.