Nuotta coaching

Nuotta-coaching, intended for young people who are in particular need of supports, is a  intensive coaching in the form of camp, where young people are encountered holistically through joint and functional activities. The coaching is aimed at supporting the social reinforcement of young people, enhancing their life management skills and promoting healthy lifestyles for them.

For workshop instructors and outreach youth workers, Nuotta-coaching is a tool that enables you to get to know young people more deeply, build a relationship of trust with them, and look on their potentials and competences in a more holistic way.

The duration of the coaching can vary from one to five days. We have a diverse selection of activities to choose from, and the coaching is tailored for each group to their wishes and needs. The recommended group size for Nuotta coaching is maximum of 12 people. It’s important that the workshop instructors and youth workers are actively involved in the coaching, to help shifting the impacts of the coaching into the daily life of the participants.


Sanni Arola
tel. +358 40 160 4056