Anjalan kartano

Ankkapurha stories

The Gustavian war and fire of Anjala manor

In 1788 the King Gustav III decided to start a war against Russia, mainly because he wanted to improve his status and popularity. The formal reason for the war was a small border conflict, and in July 1788 the Swedish-Finnish troops marched over the River Kymi in Anjala. An old tradition tells that Gustav III […]

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The Edible Garden

Ankkapurha Culture Park is full of art and sceneries. The Edible Garden is a community art work, where local people and camp school children have planted their own trees and flowers. Anjala manor has had an extensive garden in the past. The garden consisted of hundreds of fruit trees, berry bushes and greenhouses for grapes […]

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History of the manor

Anjala manor was built around 1620s. It was one of the main manors of the noble Wrede family. The old main building was burned by Russian troops in 1789, during the Gustavian war. The village of Anjala was in the focus during the three years the war lasted. Anjala was situated in the borderline between […]

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