Youth centre – a place for growth!

Youth centre Anjala is one of the nine national youth centres in Finland providing services primarily for children, youth, teachers, trainers and youth workers. The national youth centres have a non-profit civil responsibility to support good life for children and youth. We provide camp schools and other camps for children and youth, adventure days for all age groups and many other tailored events from request. We have a long experience on working with children and youth and on international youth work. We support youth work and education by offering educationally target oriented activities in a memorable environment. Experiential learning and team work are the focus points in our programs.  Skilled personnel and safe setting guarantee a successful camp, training or other event. The surrounding forest and river, as well as the historical manor milieu have guided the planning of our activity programs.

We are situated in Kouvola, only 90 minutes drive east from Helsinki.

Our facilities and abundance of programs allows the organization of various events. We have good quality accommodation for 149 people in cozy apartments, restaurant and catering services, a sauna, meeting rooms and professional staff. We are open all year round.

All programmes conducted in the Youth Centres follow the method of non-informal education, which supports the Finnish curriculum and children’s active learning with careful planning and execution of activities outside the school environment. We have ready-made programmes, or programmes can be tailor-made for each group, leaning on Finnish values and education, while also taking into account the group’s background.

We offer safe and attractive facilities for school camping groups. The children can learn much about Finnish culture, lifestyle and nature and improve their learning, teamwork, self-reflection and social skills, which will help them move forwards in life with confidence.

We provide a safe yet inspiring experience by tailoring our activities based on individuals’ skills within the children’s groups. For us, group dynamics, the children’s self-esteem, personal growth and social skills are of the utmost importance. The children return home with more holistic abilities for learning, lovely memories and useful experiences they will treasure for life.

Ankkapurha culture foundation

The organization behind Youth centre Anjala is Ankkapurha culture foundation (Ankkapurhan kulttuurisäätiö). The foundations primary task is to develop and support youth work as a national and international youth centre. In addition the aim of the foundation is to cherish the cultural inheritance of Ankkapurha area.

Ankkapurha culture foundation is a Social Enterprise. The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark communicates that the company has been established to promote a social goal and most of its profits are channelled to advancing social good. Social enterprises reform service structures, produce welfare services in a manner that is sustainable for the economy and the people, create jobs and develop services locally and dedicate their profits to improving wellbeing in the local community and develop viable solutions for environmental problems. The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark is granted by the The Association for Finnish Work.